Nintendo Wii Controller & i-SOBOT


-- Graphic courtesy of the wonderful folk at GeekAlerts

Click Here if you are looking for the Spykee (Spyke) WiFi enabled Skype compatible spy robot.


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This page explains the Gesture Recognition system that is part of Robodance 4.

NOTE: Version 4 of Robodance is required to create the Remote Viewing system.  Do not buy any gear until you have subscribed to the mailing list and received the welcoming E-mail and read it, or you will most likely waste your money on your purchase!

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The Main Components


This video shows me controlling the absolutely incredible i-SOBOT tiny humanoid robot with the help of the Nintendo Wii Controller & Nunchaku attachment.


The graphic to the right shows the basic components that make up the full remote viewing system.

  • Note.  There will be a lot more information coming but I just uploaded the video after an all-nighter and Iím beat.  Please subscribe to the mailing list and Iíll update you as soon as I post more information about this


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Parts List and Buying Information

  • i-SOBOT robot - awesome and talented little robot (check eBay for prices)
  • USB UIRT - infrared transmitter and receiver.  Great for home electronics control too.
  • Nintendo Wii Remote Control & Nunchaku attachment (see below or check eBay for prices)
  • Bluetooth transceiver (See below.  Note: your computer may already have one)
  • Windows 2000 or better PC



Buy i-SOBOT From Amazon (USA)



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